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Why Cyber Security?

Organisations and their workforce today are increasingly reliant on digital systems for daily operations. This has led to digitised information, especially sensitive information, becoming “Digital Assets” that must be protected. Training in Cyber Security is critical to ensure employees can protect sensitive information from attacks and threats. A workforce well trained in Cyber Security is the first line of defence for any organisation.

Did you know?

Your Information is a Valuable Commodity

The information most valuable to you and your organisation is the information most valuable to hackers and cyber criminals.

Everyone is Vulnerable

Even governments and corporations are not safe from cyber-attacks. Recent times have seen cyber-attacks that have threatened to derail entire economies

It is Easy to Become a Hacker

Easy to use programs or scripts that search for and exploit weaknesses in other computers on the Internet can let even novice hackers carry out sophisticated hacks.

Much of Cyber Security is Easy

Much of Cyber Security involves taking some basic precautions and using common sense. With some basic knowledge it is fairly easy to stay safe online.

What Makes This Course Special?
This course imparts essential knowledge that you can quickly use to defend against most forms of cyber attacks.
You not only learn about common tools for defence but also about common tools for attack.
Learn about email security, mobile security, systems security, e-wallet security, network security and application security, all in one course.
You will learn about risk assessment, the value of digital assets and the importance of privacy and anonymity.
Learn about social media privacy and how to protect against social engineering attacks.
Quickly gain essential knowledge for the modern digital age.
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